High-end leather and titanium

Each lanyard is hand-made with love in the Washington state, USA. The LanyardCraft lanyard uses premium Horween leather combined with an ultra light high-end precision cut and chamfered titanium Gr5 carabiner.  The titanium carabiner weighs just under 7.5 grams bringing the total weight to around 10g or more depending on lanyard length. 

Our lanyards are super durable, extremely light, stylish and excellent for helping prevent your keys from getting lost or forgotten! (Not to mention, you’ll look dope wearing it…)

High quality materials

High Quality Materials

We use real high-end genuine Horween leather for each keychain lanyard. We combine this with our carabiner which uses real Gr5 level titanium, made for a lifetime of use!

Flexible lanyard usage

Flexible lanyard usage

LanyardCraft EDC Lanyards are great for key management or anything that you need to attach. The lanyard's clips is sturdy and tight, perfect for securing nearly anything you carry!

Multiple colors available

Multiple colors available

Our genuine Horween leather lanyards are available in various different colors to match your style. Each carabiner lanyard is hand crafted, inspected and made to order.

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World's Slimmest Wallet

Beautiful contours, unique stitch lines form a design that appeals to both Men and Women alike.

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